Eric Weddle to become head coach of HS football team in San Diego

Eric Weddle confirmed after Super Bowl LVI that he was “retiring”, again leaving the NFL after winning a ring with the Rams. But he already has another opportunity in the pipeline that will allow him to stay in football.

Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego announced on Facebook that Weddle would take over the football program as the next head coach. The current coach will hand over the reins to Weddle after the 2022 season, allowing the former Rams safety to lead the team.

Coach McCoy will stay with the team and help Weddle acclimate as he enters this new chapter in his football career.

When he first retired, Weddle coached youth football, but returning to a football program is a big step forward and a tremendous opportunity for the Super Bowl champion.

His knowledge of the game is incredible, going from retirement to stint on Super Bowl defensive plays in the span of about a month. There’s no doubt he’ll make a great high school coach, and his players should be thrilled to have the chance to learn from one of the smartest players in the game.

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