Dwayne Haskins will inspire the Ohio State football team

The Ohio State football team will surely pay multiple tributes to Dwayne Haskins during the 2022 season. His untimely death has shocked former players, coaches and even current players who were once his teammates. They are all in mourning.

Haskins’ death will ultimately serve as a rallying point for the Buckeyes this season. They will dedicate this season in his honor. You can bet everyone will want to win every game in their honor. A national championship would be the ultimate honour.

I’m sure the Ohio State football team will wear at least one helmet sticker with Haskins’ name on it all season. I would expect them to do even more throughout the year. He has played a big role in the success of the program over the past few years.

CJ Stroud will also be more motivated than ever to have a phenomenal season. He wears the same jersey number Haskins wore when he was at Ohio State, #7. I bet he still wears that jersey and plays some of the best football anyone has ever seen in this conference .

The Buckeyes surely wish they didn’t have to do all that. Haskins passed away far too soon and will be missed by many. The best way for this Ohio State football team to honor him is to play as hard as they can in every game they play.

If Ohio State were to win a national title this season after this tragic news, it would be one of the best stories in college football. All Buckeye fans are hoping for this result.

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