Discussing UCF Football Team Spring Training with Lee Hunter, Brandon Adams and Isaiah Bowser

During the media portion of practice on Thursday, March 31, there were some interesting insights to be drawn. It’s not about schematic diagrams or depth, it’s about size, speed, and attention to detail.

Based on a close range view, the thoughts on the defensive line, a specific cornerback and the ball carriers are as follows.

Meet Lee Hunter

Big boy. He can also move. It’s hard to overstate how athletic and quick Hunter is despite weighing 320 pounds. The sky is absolutely the limit for this young man. Based on the effort he showed today, as well as his natural ability to turn and run at full steam, it will be a pleasure to cover this juggernaut over the next few seasons. He’s a player few will block on their own.

Lee Hunter, #2, DT, working hand technique and snapping ball speed

Defensive Tackle Lee Hunter UCF

Hunter’s lateral quickness is fantastic for a big man

Defensive Tackle Lee Hunter UCF

Lee Hunter

Defensive Tackle Lee Hunter UCF

Lee Hunter, Begin Exercise

Keenan Hester & Lee Hunter UCF Defensive Tackle

Lee Hunter

Defensive Tackle Lee Hunter UCF

Lee Hunter finishes the drill with a ripping move

If there’s another player in the AAC with Hunter’s size, strength, lateral mobility and use of hands, that would be shocking. He’s going to cause a lot of trouble for UCF’s opponents this fall.

Just watching Hunter during chase drills was very impressive. It’s hard to describe how athletic this freshman in the red shirt is when he moves through space. He looks more like a 280-pound player than the 320-pound player he is.

That’s a big cornerback

Second year brandon adams is another player who defies traditional thinking by looking at him. His frame screams strong safety, but his athleticism indicates he can play cornerback. All 6’3″ of him.

Brandon Adams Cornerback UCF

Cornerback Brandon Adams during pursuit drill

He already established himself in the rotation last season and even started six games. He’s definitely a player who composed based on how hard he worked in training on Thursday. The question now becomes, how does UCF get Adams, along with several other cornerbacks with experience and talent, all on the field?

Look for creative rosters this fall, because the UCF high school finally has the depth, athleticism, and experience to be a truly top-notch group.

The Running Back group is full of talent

If there’s one position UCF should be good at, it would be running back. As expected, Isaiah Bowser and Johnny Richardson look really good. Both appear to be in excellent physical condition and were performing exercises with anticipation and eagerness. When veterans do this, it sets the tone for success.

There are also plenty of other talents to discuss, including Marc Antoine-Richards back after a good first season with the Knights.

Mark Antony-Richards Running Back UCF + Tim Harris, Jr.

Tim Harris, Jr. instructs running back Mark Antony-Richards during UCF spring training

With a player as talented as Antony-Richards coming off the bench, it’s a pretty good sign of what to expect for 2022. Believe it or not, there’s some buzz about the improvement of Richardson when it comes to his explosive speed. He was certainly smooth in the drills.

Final Thoughts

The overall talent and depth of UCF is moving in the right direction and it was evident. The defensive line, cornerback and running back all looked great today. There are more and more reasons to believe that it will be a good football team this fall.

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