Dirty Creek can’t wait to play at a new soccer stadium

Sale Creek, TN- (WDEF-TV) Nine years after creating a football program from the ground up, the Sale Creek Panthers finally have their own stadium. The all-new Panthers stadium debuts this season. News 12’s Angela Moryan gives you a sneak peek.

Head coach Ron Cox said: “I never thought that would happen.”

On September 19, 2019, the Hamilton County School Board approved funding for the first stadium in Sale Creek. Now, two years later, the Panthers finally have a place to call home.

Quarterback Camden Penny said, “At this point it doesn’t feel real. As they just said. But now that we’re in the stadium with bleachers, a playing field, it’s great. “

Running back Drew Hillian said: “Everyone’s just excited, I feel like. Finally gonna have a real field, you know, the student section. We’re actually going to make some money now. So I have the impression that this is huge for the program, and it will take it in the right direction.

Sporting Director Dr Roy Shipley said: “It means so much more than I think a lot of people can relate to because we started at this place here. Coach Cox and I mowed down a hayfield here to create a training area in 2013. The fact that we now have a stadium, nine years later we’re going to play our very first home ball game, I think it’s going to be a wall-to-wall standing piece only here.

Said Hillian: “This will change the atmosphere. It’s really going to look like a football schedule now. We used to travel and stuff, there weren’t a lot of fans showing up, because I mean, it’s a good road for Finley. But now he’s here in our hometown. I have the impression that this will change everything.

In addition to the stadium, Sale Creek has built a brand new football facility, complete with concessions and two state-of-the-art changing rooms.

Shipley said: “It’s like watching my granddaughters on Christmas morning. When they walk into that locker room, it’s like little children on Christmas morning.

Cox said: “I don’t think there are words to describe it, considering we changed our vehicles and hauled our gear every day to school, and our gear rolling in the backs of the trucks. and others. You can’t explain the expression on their faces when they walked into that locker room.

Hillian said, “We were just a little bit in awe, honestly, because you know, like it’s finally here. We no longer had to dream about it. It’s here.”

Shipley said: “We have home uniforms but we’ve never played a home football game so it will be an amazing experience for our kids.”

Hillian said, “You know, this is our home ground. This is not the home of the Mocs. It’s not Fort Bluff. This is the home ground of the Panthers. We just want to protect him.

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