Deshazor Everett breaks silence after fatal car crash involving his girlfriend

It wasn’t that long ago that Deshazor Everett of the Washington football team was allegedly involved in a car crash that killed his girlfriend. The situation has been sad and continuing as Everett appears to be doing well after sustaining injuries in the crash. However, he has lost a loved one and has finally broken his silence since that tragic car accident.

Deshazor Everett caught on social networks thank everyone who prayed for him and the family of his late girlfriend, Olivia. It’s been an emotional time for Everett and Olivia’s family, but it’s nice to see the Washington player finally make a statement.

The situation with Deshazor Everett’s car crash is very different from other crashes we’ve seen this season. Police found no evidence of impaired driving. It was just an accident. Hopefully Washington takes care of Everett during this difficult time.

He has played 14 games for the Washington soccer team so far this year and has recorded 10 total tackles. He’s been a constant backing cornerback for this franchise since 2015. We’ll see what happens in the offseason as we could see Everett return to the football team next year. That would be an ideal situation, as he would continue to play for the same organization while still building the roster.

For now, Everett’s main focus is on football as he tries to get out of the fatal car crash. It’s been a tough year for him so hopefully better things can come for the Washington cornerback.

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