Des-Lacs Burlington finds new football team golfers, embracing change

DES LACS, ND – The Des Lacs-Burlington golf team is returning just two of its top six players from last season. Such is the nature of high school sports, but the Lakers have found an unlikely source of new recruits.

On the football field.

Seven of DLB’s 12 golfers have played football, such as senior Chance Mickelson.

Mickelson caught interceptions and touchdowns for Lakers football in the fall, but will now learn that the lower the score, the better.

“The football team is such a big group that you can’t get close to everyone. With golf you have your six guys going to every game and you’re on the bus for 2 hours every trip, and you get pretty close to each other,” junior Carter Eide said.

Carter and freshman Eli Miller are the two full-time college returnees. Junior Kaiden Vigen also returns after playing part of the year in the top six group.

“These (schools like) Kindred, they have pros, we have Dan. That’s all we need. Dan the man…. We are one big brotherhood, one big family,” said junior Kaiden Vigen.

Dan Miller has coached the Lakers golf team for over 20 years and boasts multiple Region 6 titles.

The program started in 1996, and the best result came in 1999 when they finished second in the state.

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