Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for my college football team to be good

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The idea of ​​going back to an earlier dominant form is antithetical to moving forward. Looking back and continuing past eras, schools like USC, Miami, Nebraska and others envision extremely rare and difficult to replicate levels of dominance – or in some cases * cough * Texas * cough * did not exist. .

That’s not to say that teams on this list like USC can’t have another round like they did under Pete Carroll, but doing that will require a forward-thinking approach. Building on what made you successful five, 10 or 20 years ago in a sport that keeps innovating and changing only works if you take inspiration from it.

There are currently nine higher education schools that are hoping to break down and secure their prestige rankings for the comeback of EA college football. These are Florida, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, USC, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Tech, and Washington. All of them are on track to fire a trainer, have their trainer fired or have just hired a trainer who will be fired if he continues to train like this. They have a total of 7,012 wins, 39 national titles, 196 conference titles and 20 Heisman Trophy winners. This year they are a 41-55 combined.

Before you say your team shouldn’t be on this list, or discuss who’s missing (LSU won a title too recently to qualify) or generally wanting to call me a jerk on Twitter, read on or skip ahead. to your team. I’m going to say nice things about all of these programs because all the media wants to do is get rid of them. I’m not saying they’re wrong or the schools don’t deserve it, but a change in narrative is refreshing as we move into what will be the final game for the majority of these teams. I’ll even say something positive (reluctantly) about Texas.

Here are some holiday hopes for every team next year as we look forward (never looking back) to trying to give you a little bit of happiness before or after you shut down the game in a rage this weekend. (Unless you’re fans of the state of Florida and Florida, in which case, get ready for a depressing show and even more depressing rivalry game.)

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