Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team: Live Updates, Game Stats, Highlights, TV, Streaming for “SNF”

Things are not going as planned for the Washington football team, which still desperately clings to a slim chance of making the playoffs. They found out the hard way that the Dallas Cowboys won’t let go in Week 16, despite having already clinched the NFC East crown before kick-off. After another uneven start to the Cowboys’ offense in the first scrum practice, Taylor Heinicke fell back for his first pass and it was a deep pitch inhaled by Trevon Diggs – for the 11th interception of his historic season.

Dak Prescott used the mulligan to run down the field and find Ezekiel Elliott for a 5-yard touchdown, and things only got worse for Washington from there. After another setback from Heinicke and Co., Prescott used big plays from CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper to get Ron Rivera’s defense working on the pitch before finding tight end Dalton Schultz for the second touchdown of the night. Cowboys. Apparently, however, DeMarcus Lawrence remembered the friendly bet with Prescott and decided the defense needed to work their way into the end zone as well.

So Lawrence imitated what Randy Gregory did in Washington in Week 14, but added points to it, flipping a pass from Heinicke up, then intercepting it and sending it into the zone. goals to make it a three touchdown lead for the Cowboys in the first quarter.

The second quarter got off to a better start for Washington, when Heinicke devised a practice that ended in a touchdown to Antonio Gibson, but not to be outmatched by his running back counterpart, Elliott took an 11-yard rush. who walked through the defenders on their way to pay dirt. WFT’s failures on the pitch began to spill over their sidelines, with defensive linemen Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne engaging in a physical altercation that included a punch.

And it’s probably because of the proverbial punches that the Cowboys land relentlessly on the pitch, as the second half prepares to start at AT&T Stadium. Prescott is on fire with 320 passing yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions, a 142.6 passer rating and 21 rushing yards in four attempts; and the defense looks set to be done so soon. Oh and, by the way, one of Prescott’s touchdowns went to Terence Steele, his left tackle going in the absence of All-Pro Tyron Smith.

Can Washington somehow regain consciousness, get off the mat and do the unthinkable?

They only have two quarters left to try in this rematch.

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