Compassion International is determined to ‘fill in’ a unique type of football ‘stadium’

SPONSORED – During this fall’s football season – and as the pandemic continues to impact the world – one organization urges caring people to help it ‘fill’ a unique type of ‘stadium’ to make a lasting difference in the lives of many. International compassion distinctive Fill the stadium (FtS, provides essential food, medical care and support to injured children around the world. While many impoverished children and their families have been left behind due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Fill the stadium the management team and its allies are determined to “fill the stadium” and fill a much needed gap.

Compassion CEO Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado and his team are committed to achieving Fill the stadium objective of helping 70,000 children in crisis. So far, they have raised just over $ 33 million for over 66,000 children and their families, but they still have to “fill the stadium” and reach the 70,000 children at serious risk of hunger, or worse.

Compassion CEO Jimmy Mellado said, “We are committed to caring for 70,000 children who have not been sponsored due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s enough kids to fill the average NFL football stadium. At Compassion, we believe that the empty stadiums at football games last season were a sobering reminder to all who still need essential food, health care and support as this crisis continues. ”

As the head of the United Nations recently noted, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more than 100 million people into poverty and left a four billion people with little or no health care, social support or income protection. Secretary-General António Guterres told an International Monetary Fund panel earlier this month that global solidarity is “lacking in action” and that people living in poor and conflict-affected countries are suffering the most, as the Associated Press reported.

After a year of canceled matches and vacant stadiums due to the pandemic, the image of an empty stadium is one that all athletes and fans can relate to. As satisfying as it is now to see the football stadiums in the United States packed this fall season, it is even more essential to ensure that the Compassion ‘stadium’ is completely filled and that those who do. have been left behind receiving the vital support they need.

“We’ve all been through the reality of empty stadiums,” says the Fill the Stadium team. “The average NFL stadium has 70,000 seats. We have to reach so many children. This effort desperately needs a caring, prayerful, and reflective community to unite in this critical relief. “

Those holding co-leading roles in this important charitable effort are Carson Palmer, former professional quarterback; Sam Burns, PGA TOUR golfer; Alyssa Naeher, member of the United States women’s Olympic football team (who won a bronze medal in Tokyo); Nick Foles, professional football quarterback MVP; Adam Engel of the Chicago White Sox; Nick Ahmed of the Arizona Diamondbacks; Devin and Jason McCourty, NFL defensive backs; Aaron Kampman, former NFL defensive end; Nate Solder of the New York Giants; Jaccob Slavin of the Carolina Hurricanes; Brock Huard, FOX sports broadcaster and former professional quarterback; and many more. Steve Stenstrom, president of Pro Athletes Outreach, also plays a leading role.

To learn more about this effort, visit Fill the stadium website, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Founded in 1952, International Compassion is a Christian child development organization that works to free children from poverty in Jesus name. Compassion has revolutionized the fight against global poverty by working exclusively with the Church to lift children out of spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty. Compassion partners with more than 8,000 churches in 25 countries to bring its holistic child development program to more than 2 million babies, children and young adults. Its child sponsorship program has been validated by independent empirical research.

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