College Football Today: Week 8 Updates, Highlights, Biggest Moments & More

College football is never short of drama, and this week we’ve had more action on the conference realignment side with FAU, Rice, Charlotte, North Texas, UTSA and UABset to join the American Athletic Conference. . So if we were a bit shaken up at the start of the week, we didn’t know what else would shake up on Saturday.

If you got the upper hand in Wake Forest-Army game, you’re in luck. Each team hit the most (54) on their own in Wake’s 70-56 win. And it wasn’t the only high scoring tilt on Saturday.

Check out all the results, reactions and celebrations from across the country.

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Games of the day

When creativity springs in the moment, that’s the result. Caleb Williams is an innovator on our account.

And whenever you can dig in Texas, you take it however you can.

” Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Incredible. Breathtaking. Spectacular. ” – Lady Gaga. And yes, beer pong is a game, so this 100% qualifies for this section.

Everything is fun and games

Mike Leach is on candy corn, and, yes, that’s extremely important information we needed to know.

You heard the man! Get Kenny Pickett a cold ASAP.

And honestly, he surely deserves one after Saturday’s performance against Clemson.

That’s what happens when you’re a true die-hard fan – you get married in a hatchback.

Just a friendly game of noughts and crosses.

Obviously, it can be difficult to score. Even in several OTs.

Illinois ended up beating No.7 Penn State 20-18 after nine overtime, in case you really want to know the outcome.

And sometimes it’s work and parental duty. But hey, Nick Saban didn’t seem to mind the slight hiatus in his press conference.


Ole Miss retired Eli Manning’s No.10 on Saturday and, in tribute, painted the end zones with “Manning” instead of “Rebels”.

Surely that has nothing to do with the fact that the country’s most wanted rookie is Manning’s nephew, class of 2023 QB Arch Manning. Arch is on hand for Saturday’s game as Lane Kiffin & Co. pitch for a third-generation Manning quarterback to travel to Oxford.

For more on Arch’s life, check out this piece by Mark Schlabach. And Tom VanHaaren has you covered with the latest updates on his recruiting.

Stage in the stands

We’re definitely excited for the Space Game.

Juwan Howard came out to support Michigan.

Did Arkansas State Win? No. Sadly, those fans will definitely have to show up like this again next weekend.

Maybe someone was out a little after bedtime.

Nothing to see here … literally.

The hopes of Indiana fans were dashed early by the state of Ohio.

GameDay antics

Bill Walton was the guest coach this Saturday, and you know with him there’s always a guaranteed golden gif or meme like this.

What if Bill Walton shows up every week?

And the choice of Lee Corso is …

For the best signs, check out this.

Battle of the bones!

With UAB’s upcoming move to AAC, one of the biggest rivalry trophies that exists is making a comeback for all future UAB-Memphis games on the horizon.

Mascot registration

The Duck let it be known that there is representation of Oregon everywhere.

Rice, Temple, and FAU, all backed by the Mighty Owls, will all be in the AAC soon, and sure enough three could be a crowd, but it still feels like a fun party.

The latest fashions from BFC

How long do you think it took this man to plan this outfit?

Walking on eggshells it seems, eh, Oregon?

As long as this thing stays straight, of course, we’ll be rolling with Oklahoma.

Yes, Coastal Carolina lost, but the Chants went in style, at least.

To learn more about the best uniforms, check out this.

More to see

Agree or disagree? Worst call in BFC history?

No more OT nonsense.

Just call SirVocea Dennis de Pitt for all your defensive needs.

Brennan Presley has some serious jumps.

Must be the shoes, right?

Army-Wake Forest is amazing, and it’s just one of many wild plays that have happened.

It certainly didn’t work out the way they wanted it to.

No matter how high you think you can jump, well Jahan Dotson can jump higher.

It’s just pure speed.

App State beat Coastal Carolina’s No.14 on Wednesday and fans were eager to celebrate.

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