College Football Today: Week 6 Updates, Highlights, Biggest Moments & More

It’s week 6, and it might be the best Saturday of the season so far. There was a full scoring frenzy in the Red River rivalry, Ole Miss barely edged Arkansas 52-51 in another high scoring affair, and Penn State’s loss to Iowa opened the game. way to Cincinnatito to sneak into the top four.

Hard to believe anything could compete with Saturday afternoon’s lineup of games, but then came the night’s kickoff. Alabama-Texas A&M, Michigan-Nebraska and Notre Dame-Virginia Tech all fell by the wayside, A&M, Michigan and Notre Dame all scored late goals to win.

Check out all the results, reactions and celebrations from across the country.

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Touchdowns of the day

There are no words to describe this hit.

Look at this precision!

We’ll be watching this on repeat for the rest of the evening. But that’s very clearly not the result you want when you jump over someone trying to get into the end zone.

Not a small feat

If Texas A&M kicker Seth Small felt any pressure on the winning field goal attempt against Alabama, he certainly didn’t show it.

Everything is fun and games

Just click on the link. You will not regret it.

This trolling is just too good.

For more on the best Saturday trolls, check out this.

Who doesn’t love a pre-game dance party?

Show up at a hatchback in this case? Sign us up!

We have been connected to UMass-UConn all week.

UMass ended up being the eventual winner. Well, a victory is a victory. Celebrate however you want.

It really was a special football quarterback.

The Minutemen celebrated like they won the natty, and we approve.

Now it’s a rush

OK, Iowa had a few more fans rushing onto the field after the Hawkeyes’ win over Penn State than UMass after their first win.

High hedge

Michigan running back Hassan Haskins took to the air to avoid a Nebraska defenseman en route to a 50-yard gain.

Return completed

Notre Dame scored 11 points in the 2:26 final, dominated by fielding Jonathan Doerer with 17 seconds remaining, in the Fighting Irish 32-29 victory at Virginia Tech.

Stage in the stands & on the sidelines

A new approach to cheesehead? The cornhead, because corn is really life in Nebraska.

Name a more iconic duo.

Where can I buy one?

There seems to be a new way to call a room every day.

Rivalry beef (or pork, we guess)

We have been waiting for this all season. The first East / West BBQ Bowl between Gardner-Webb and Campbell. And with a trophy like this on the line that represents a pig, how could you not give it your all.

So yes, let’s start things already! And maybe this video is a sign of things to come?

And Gardner-Webb focused all week, even gearing up with a cooking contest.

Let’s look at the mascots … and the stray animals?

Can someone explain this to us?

Apparently a fox entered the Cotton Bowl. But, hey, maybe he just wanted to get closer to the action.

GameDay antics

Yes, it’s been a really long time.

Look who showed up

Both governors are present for the OU-Texas game.

Just like good old Mark Cuban.

More to see

Boise State upset BYU on the road and this take was essentially the icing on the cake.

* Googles “How does someone stop Mailk Willis?” *

Auburn has scored a touchdown! And, yes, there is reason to be in awe of that, as this is the first touchdown Georgia has allowed since September 18.

Caleb Williams led OU to a miraculous comeback victory over Texas, and, well, the QB situation at Norman doesn’t look too good for Spencer Rattler, and he seems to know it with that reaction.

We’re losing track of how many great TDs we’ve seen today.

Is there a cooler touch than this? Damper your teammate on the way to a TD?

Give us all the views you have.

Bijan Robinson is really just built differently.

And he has the approval of none other than Reggie Bush.

Times like these are what make college football what it is.

Now, who wouldn’t want their name displayed all over a field? Tennessee paid tribute to one of its iconic players.

Wow ! You have to see the change of direction for this TD.

This is what we call “perfect execution”.

Matt Corral let this one air out.

Ohio State looks like it’s all going on the pitch today with that first touchdown.

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