College Football Today: Week 3 Updates, Highlights, Biggest Moments & More

You thought week 2 was crazy? Week 3 of college football was even more so: one-handed catches on both sides of the ball, blown calls from officials and the White Out at Happy Valley, a game that lived up to the hype with Penn State holding off Auburn .

Check out the results, reactions and celebrations from across the country.

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game of the day

This DJ Graham interception might just be the most impressive play we’ve seen all football season.

Go on. Watch Spencer Rattler’s reaction.

play it again

Jalen Brooks of South Carolina made a similar one-handed grab on the offensive end of the ball against Georgia.

Hail Mary Alert

It’s time we had one of those electric moments in college football this season, and it comes from SMU and Reggie Roberson Jr.

And yes, that sums it all up.

Here’s another angle, because why wouldn’t you want to review this.

Honestly, we’re just as surprised.

Oh, burn!

This is one of the best troll jobs we’ve seen today with West Virginia taking down Virginia Tech.

Michigan State wasn’t kidding against Miami, and its social team had a blast with the win on the road.

Michigan State legend Magic Johnson also had some thoughts on the game, though he was just more excited for the win.

*Shakes head but still laughs at IndiaNAHHHHH.*

This improvised cardboard Trojan horse is very beautiful.

throw darts

USC fired its coach this week and lost starting quarterback Kedon Slovisto to an injury in the first quarter against Washington State. Do not worry. The Trojan Backup QB lived up to its name.

In Canada it’s ok

The referees for the Auburn-Penn State game had a rough night, as evidenced by getting it wrong and forcing the Nittany Lions to draw third down.

Wait, who’s at the game?

Chris Paul and his son are on the sidelines for Wake Forest.
Troy Aikman and Barry Switzer are just chatting in Nebraska-Oklahomagame.

Look who else showed up. Trae Young himself.

And of course, he’s decked out in a Malcolm Kelly jersey.

The vice president is in the building. Kamala Harris led the draw between Howard and Hampton for the first Truth and Service Classic.

Auburn-Penn State hadn’t started, but Saquon Barkley was READY.

All you need to know about Barkley’s return is here.

Stage in the stands

Just soak up this site.

And the players were more than delighted with the game.

Swamp has been very loud with FloridahostingAlabama.

OKAY. What are Indiana Hoosiers fans doing?

And on the beat of the drum (get it?), Purdue’s marching band won’t be able to bring their massive drumming to Notre Dame’s playing, which, yes, is a big storyline.

But hi! The drum made the trip to South Bend.

And in remembrance of the absence of the drum, the marching band decided to form the shape of the drum on the ground at halftime, which we have to say is really smart.

In the field with GameDay

Penn State fans brought their A-game to the set today. Check out the best GameDay signs from this morning.

And since we know you’re wondering, check out the latest Miami Cat news.

Advocate like a champion today

A licensing deal has been finalized between the ‘Play Like A Champion Today’ brand – owned by former Irish coach Lou Holtz – and Notre Dame. Legendary Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer was quick to point out that Oklahoma’s use of the phrase predates Notre Dame’s by decades. But hey, everything is fair in love and trademark law.

Friendly Bets

Alright: here’s the deal. Since Florida lost to Alabama by less than three touchdowns, Stephen A. Smith must wear a Gators tie.

Uniform Updates

Virginie is getting chilly with her sons this weekend.

And Greenie is BACK!

Stony Brook just got really creative with their uniform announcement.

More uniform updates can be found here.

More to see

We simply have no words for what happened here. But the SEC had a lot of words in a statement after the game saying this play should never have happened.

You literally can’t give Jahleel Billingsley room.

He just took off.

Now we have to wonder, what’s Dabo Swinney’s time for a 40-yard dash?

This is how you make a statement.

We could watch this kind of score all day.

Nebraska fans look the other way. OU fans, please rejoice in this.

Someone must have called them for these outfit choices, so who better than Lane Kiffin?

Now that’s why you have to pick up the ball with both hands.

Give us some of what Maryland drinks.

Friday night we had a wild showdown between UCF and Louisville and the game ended on this pick-6.

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