College Football Today: Week 2 Updates, Highlights, Biggest Moments & More

The only thing certain about the college football season in two weeks is that nothing is certain. Sure, Oregon managed to upset Ohio State, and the Ducks did just that. But is Florida State losing to Jacksonville State? I didn’t see that coming.

We saw some talented players, some crazy games and some wild Week 2 scenes to share.

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Key(s) of the day

It really seemed like CJ Verdell was unstoppable.

Speaking of unstoppable, don’t get in the way of Georgia Tech defenseman Jordan Domineck when he tries to score and score.

Take it from the couch

LeBron James was watching Ohio State-Oregon, and it’s safe to say he wasn’t impressed.

However, Sabrina Ionescu was very proud of her alma mater for taking the win.

Very well. Stay with us. Jordan Domineck first had a high level stiff arm, then he used his teammate as a shield to enter the end zone. But what are teammates really for if not to help you in any way possible. And Lamar Jackson totally agrees.

South Carolina rallied to beat East Carolina, and A’ja Wilson was definitely happy to see her Gamecocks through.

Here is the winning field goal for South Carolina.

Welcome to the league

Arkansas fans stormed the field after the Razorbacks stunned the future Texas SEC member.

It’s off the chain

Here’s a new twist on the turnover chain. Now, was the UAB completely destroyed by Georgia? Yes. But listen, the UAB should bring this out whenever they can.

Drop it and give me…

Clearly, this UNC cheerleader was unprepared for the Tar Heels to go 59 over Georgia State.

Stage in the stands

Fans of the Oregon-Ohio State game went through every emotion you can think of.

From a fairly quiet stadium that Oregon fan Big Boi certainly enjoyed.

To a raucous crowd when it looked like Ohio State could come back to win it all.

And finally, to a delighted devotee from Oregon.

So maybe this trip by a band member from Ohio State was a sign of things to come. (Answer: yes.)

Shake, shake and roll

Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler’s five touchdown passes in the first half included that Mario Williams back shoulder gem.

GameDay antics

A lot of tractors in college football this week for one reason or another, but hey, that’s what we’re here for.

Ashton Kutcher came prepared.

And Lee Corso’s pick is…

More: Saturday’s Best Signs

Fun mascot

Sounds like prime seats for Ohio State-Oregon.

And if you want a full play-by-play of the Duck’s antics with those of Brutus, read it.

smack talk

Speak this speak Marko Vidackovic!

And even though Kayvon Thibodeaux didn’t play along, he wanted anyone and everyone to delete his tweets.

We have an early rivalry game for us in Week 2 of the season between Utah and BYU. And former Utah QB Tyler Huntley reminded us of some pretty tame comments about BYU — well, as tame as it gets for a rivalry.

NIL offer of the week

With so many unique NIL deals lately, it’s hard to pick the best ones, but the one Marquan McCall has signed is actually amazing.

Uniform Updates

Can Oregon still be counted on to have cool talks, and what better game to have those uniforms than against Ohio State?

Now these are really nice. If ASU says it’s okay to look, then look at this flash (insert eyes emoji).

And the NC State uniforms look pretty neat.

More to see

This cat was wandering around Hard Rock Stadium and somehow got into a bit of a pickle. But fans assured that the cat would have a safe landing place.

Arkansas went wild with that blocked punt against Texas.

Trenton Gill wasted no time getting points on the board for Mississippi State.

Yes, you are reading this issue correctly.

Not sure if this qualifies as a “must-see”. More like a, “probably look away.”

It’s kind of a crazy way to score, but whatever works, right?

It’s all smiles for Pitt.

Someone left a rubber duck in the middle of the field, and we applaud whoever did it.

Make a man miss! Or several men.

This is the type of effort we like to see.

Something as important as Corso’s choice? Well, Reese’s choice, of course.

Xavier Henderson has hops! He ended up up there for that interception.

More stuff like this, please.

And like that :

And you know, we’ll take all the cool touchdowns we can get.

A little pre-game backflip, very casual stuff.

There’s the preparation you do on the pitch, and then that kind of mental preparation that sometimes needs to be spiced up.

And in case you want to know, Katy Perry is still rocking with Ole Miss. Learn more about his College GameDay appearancehere.

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