College Football Today: Week 10 Updates, Highlights, Biggest Moments & More

It’s week 10, yes, week 10 already. And we had our first batch of college football playoff rankings released this week, and the rankings certainly spiced things up.

So what’s online this weekend? Well, Cincinnati will definitely want to go all out against Tulsa to leave no room for doubt, especially with College GameDay at hand. Speaking of which, check out the best signs of GameDay here.

The day has already given us a lot of excitement from Illinois upsetting Minnesota’s No.20, Ohio State’s No.5 fending off Nebraska and some hilarious troll job from Ole Miss.

Check back here throughout the day for the latest results, reactions and celebrations from across the country.

Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickell was Jim Tressel’s assistant at Ohio State for a decade, and it shows. Tressel-ball’s influence is strong with the Fickell Bearcats: play elite defense, take little risk, don’t be afraid of punters. An ugly 24-7 win counts exactly as 44-27.

For the most part, this is fine. Some people prefer high-flying luchadores, others prefer thunderous slaps and sumo. We all have different tastes. But if there’s one thing we learned on Tuesday night, it’s that the Bearcats might need a few more backflips on the third string.Read Bill Connelly’s Week 10 preview (ESPN +).

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Landing of the day

Eh? We don’t know exactly what happened, but we love it and endorse it and want to see it 100 more times.

The smoke does not freeze

Ole Miss was having a great time after beating Liberty, but ended up deleting those awesome tweets.

And if you need a refresher on why this is such a good troll job.

Ole Miss officials ended up apologizing for the tweets.

Give us all the bettor taunts that exist. And it’s especially deserved for Illinois since the Illini defeated No. 20 Minnesota.

Just a good time on SEC Nation as always.

But wait until you zoom in a bit. Get your Texas photos anywhere you can.

And let’s just stack on the downward trend of the horns while we’re here.

Everything is fun and games

Arizona has finally won a game! His first in 20 games.

What is happening here?

Yes, this reaction says it all.

Pylon camera for victory.

A + acting here.

Well, this is an interesting hair choice.

Utah kicker Jadon Redding had a blast poking fun at himself after falling into the net.

Reese rides with Texas A&M.

A little humor goes a long way, and Dorian Thompson-Robinsons seems like a staple on Instagram if he’s going to post memes like this.

Back to their old playgrounds

Find us someone happier than Major Harris. That’s right. You can not.

RC Slocum is at Texas A&M and has received a well-deserved reception.

GameDay antics

Looks like the Bearcats are ready to go after him.

And OK, you can’t help but like this.

And the choice of Lee Corso is …

Mascot registration

So … can we be invited to this party?

Wyoming and the State of Colorado are ready to fight. The winner takes the boot!

Oregon and Washington face off this weekend, and the Oregon Duck has given Harry the Husky quite a bit of blows.

Latest discussion threads

Minnesota is rolling out stunning uniforms this weekend.

The state of Arizona will be drenched in this eye-catching gold.

And the Bearcats are looking for a homecoming.

For all the best uniforms, check out this.

More to see

Apparently, it takes a lot more to not have an AT Perry score on you.

How does someone even manage to get out of a scrum like this and manage to score points?

A little trick can go a long way.

A little blow on the sideline and a TD for Jaylon King.

And enjoy that bit of secondary dancing here.

Do you get teammates like this!

Jaylen Stinson turned on the gas quickly for this score.

No idea how Matt Corral snuck into this one.

Sam Howell is not easy to take down.

A 96-meter home visit? Why not.

That’s why you don’t give up a game too quickly.

Remember the name: Kalil Pimpleton. He had three receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown and two punt returns for touchdowns (70 and 97 yards) in the first half of Central Michigan’s game against Eastern Michigan.

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