Chicago Bears donate $2,500 to each RPS football team during Rockford training camp

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — The Chicago Bears traveled to Stateline on Wednesday for a special one-day training camp with all four RPS teams. The camp featured joint practice as well as seven-on-seven competitions.

The event was led by Bears alumni Kaseem Sinceno, Brandon Mcgowan and Jason Mckie as well as American Football. Along with the camp, the Bears gave each team $2,500 each to spend on their program.

Organizers said the event helps keep things fresh with high school players.

“With high school athletes, at some point they disconnect from their own coach, but it’s great to hear from Chicago Bears alumni and other coaches from schools like Mt. Carmel and master coaches American football players who came from Indianapolis, so it’s just a different style of coaching and they’ve learned some things that they may not have learned from their coaches,” said Lamont Jones, general manager. youth sports at Clarence Hicks Memorial Sports Park.

The camp is one of many Bears events in the Rockford area so far this year. Earlier this year, the Bears hosted a training camp to help develop women’s flag football in the Stateline.

“We really want to be aware of where we’re going and how we’re supporting and what’s needed, so we take it on a case-by-case basis and in this case we really just decide and make a choice. conscious to wrap up the Rockford community this year,” said Chicago Bears youth football and community programs manager Gustavo Silva.

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