Cardinals football team back on the field for practices and summer camps

After a solid spring training session, the Camden Fairview Cardinals are back on the field for a long and important summer. The Cardinals took a few days off to recover from an intense spring camp that concluded with their annual Spring Scrimmage game on May 20.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals got back to work preparing for the upcoming high school football season. The 78 high school students were joined by 40 players from the college team. First-year head coach Nick Vaughn split his team into two groups; each will lift weights indoors and then move on to speed and agility training outdoors, he said. Once the groups have completed both practices, the players will practice establishing their position and running.

The offseason is a crucial time for the Cardinals as they will look to develop more speed, strength and overall athleticism to become high-caliber point guards and establish good playing habits. Vaughn and his team of coaches seek to turn good players into great playmakers.

Vaughn said Tuesday afternoon that he was “very happy with the first day.”

“We have a cooperative breeze here, obviously, to make it a bit more bearable, but the kids don’t mind working. That’s never been the issue here,” he said. “We have a busy and busy month of June ahead of us.”

The Cardinals train not only to get in shape, but also to build chemistry with the team and learn the complexity of their roles on offense or defense. Camden Fairview will be attending multiple camps throughout the remainder of the off-season, particularly this month.

Next Tuesday, the Cardinals will be on the road for their first off-season camp activity. Camden Fairview will travel to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock where they will participate in drills and 7-on-7 against Parkview, Bryant and potentially Little Rock Christian starting at 9 a.m.

The following Thursday, the Cardinals will host a camp at 10 a.m. at their stadium.

“It’s going to be us, Watson Chapel, Dumas and Hamburg, because we’re going to be working with those coaches. So it’s going to be a little bit different style of team camp to what most people will be doing, just because talking with those coaches, we each need teaching time,” Vaughn said. “So it’ll be a bit slower and to make sure we can get some good work, but also to teach along the way.”

This week marks the start of the Cardinals’ summer work as they look to become a team that can repeat themselves as 5A Conference South champions this season.

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