Bullitt Central says extra precautions being taken after fight near football stadium

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A fight near Bullitt Central during a football game has parents worried as the season continues Friday night.

Bullitt Central manager Joe Pat Lee said there has been a lot of talk, especially on social media, about what happened in last friday’s gamebut he said that didn’t actually happen in the game.

In fact, it didn’t even happen on campus.

“There really isn’t a quick way to get there,” Lee said.

He said the fight happened just outside the football facility and most of the students weren’t even students at Central.

“Kids don’t do any good,” Lee said.

Lee thinks it’s a situation that couldn’t have been stopped. He said the students were out of the game and went to a wooded area specifically to fight.

Inside the stadium, the guests didn’t even know it had happened.

“Everything was going perfectly fine,” Lee said. “We had a football game, we had 250 students show up in the section to cheer. Everything here inside the soccer field was great.

Lee said they are taking extra precautions for the next game. Middle school students cannot be dropped off without a parent.

All students will also be required to present their student card. The police will also be involved.

“We will have additional ground patrol, working with Shepherdsville Police just to have foot patrols around the perimeter to make sure no children are in areas they shouldn’t be, and we have discussed appropriate behavior with children all week,” Lee said.

When the Bullitt Central football team returns to the field on Friday night, he said they won’t be focused on anything but the game.

“It’s just another Friday night for us back at work,” Lee said. “Our children will be here, the children will play hard. It will be a great night for football. We want everyone to get out there and enjoy it.

The Cougars will host Collins High School Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

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