Boy born without forearms becomes star goalkeeper for local soccer team

Despite his birth without left forearm, crazy about football Wayde Drew fought to become a talented goaltender for his community team.

Wayde, from Leeds, England, was born limbless due to complications during pregnancy after his mother caught swine flu, Subway reported.

Steve Riding/Yorkshire Evening Post

But he didn’t allow his obvious physical disability to stop him from following his passion for football. He is determined to prove his doubters wrong, including other kids who think he can’t be good at it.

Now the 12-year-old has shown his true courage and established himself as a star player for his home side in Leeds. His performances have been commendable – and he has shown he is as good as any young footballer.

Wayde’s love of football began at an early age, and his mother Kirsty Norman says she is delighted her son has established himself with the team.

Now he is a goalkeeper at Saxton FC
Steve Riding/Yorkshire Evening Post

“He has always played football since he was little, and he has an older brother who loves it. But at school, when he plays football, children want to win, don’t they? So they automatically think because he’s only got one arm he’s going to be a lousy goalkeeper, so they don’t let him play in goal,” Kristy said as quoted by Subway.

But two years ago Wayde showed up for his first training with community side Saxton FC – and since then he has gone from strength to strength.

“He’s always been a bit apprehensive about joining a team because obviously he’s a goalkeeper, and people assume he has to have two hands to be a goalkeeper,” his mother said.

Wayde wanted to play in goal when he joined.
SWNS/Yorkshire Evening Shift

“But at Saxon FC, when he said he’d rather be in goal, they were like, ‘Yeah, okay. They gave him that chance, and he showed them he was really good in goal – so that’s now his position at Saxon FC.”

The Saxton FC team are also helping Wayde raise £13,000 for a new bionic ‘hero’ arm.

Kirsty adds, “It would mean everything to him to have this new arm because he’s gotten to the point where, in his words, he ‘just wants to be like everyone else’.”

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