ATV fundraising ride for the high school football team

WEST MILFORD, W.Va. – MCE Shock Repair hosted an ATV ride for the South Harrison High School football team between 9 and 11 a.m. on June 18 at the West Milford Community Building.

Once registered, runners could set off on a four to five hour ride through Harrison, Doddridge and Lewis counties. The last runners were sent out at 11 a.m., but when the runners returned there was food and prizes for the many raffles.

Matt Evans, organizer of the fundraising event, mentioned that these ATV rides are very popular right now and are fun to do with the family.

Runners register and buy raffle tickets (WBOY image)

Driving fees were $20 for driver and machine, and $10 per person with driver. Raffle tickets cost a dollar each.

Rules of the road and travel costs (image WBOY)

This benefit ride idea was started by Evans last year when a South Harrison alumnus from the community had cancer. They were struggling with medical bills so Evans pitched the idea and this year the football team asked for help. There have been many donations from dealers for Side by Side, as well as donations from individuals wanting to get involved.

Organizing this fundraising run was easy for Matt Evans because he is an alumnus, and they have alumni from all over the community involved to help out. He is also a business owner, which helped him start the merry-go-round.

When asked how it felt to see all the people coming out to support the team, Evans replied, “Well, everyone that’s with South Harrison, they’ve got the pride of the hawk. It really makes me feel good to see all these people coming out and supporting this school. You know, our numbers have gone down in South Harrison for the past few years, and we as a community are trying to help make things better for the school, the coaches and everyone involved.

Funds from Saturday’s fundraising run will go towards the football team’s new training gear, uniforms, shoulder pads and helmets. Uniforms are usually bought every four to five years, and it’s time to upgrade them. Brett Hathaway, the head coach, wants his team to be equipped with the best.

“It’s great, you know, it really is, we have a great fanbase, you know every home game, you know, we get good support. And just to see them here, when that isn’t necessarily football season, always showing their support, you know, it’s really great to see,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway said he was very grateful to Evans for organizing the race to support the football team this year. Last year was his first year of coaching, during which he struggled to come up with fundraising ideas. This year, he has several things in mind.

The next event taking place in support of the team will be a golf tournament at Bell Meadows Golf Course around 1 p.m. on June 25.

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