Anniston Changers Tackles Debris Around Football Stadium | Anniston

Members of the Anniston community rolled up their sleeves and got to work Saturday morning cleaning around the football stadium and high school stadium.

Anniston High School’s Lott-Mosby Memorial Stadium and country house was well cleaned thanks to the Anniston Changers who brought in several community volunteers to help the cause. Pressure washers cleared grime from bleachers and sidewalks, people prowled every square inch of the area to remove trash, and the country home benefited from touches such as new paint and upholstery flooring. inside.

AHS football coach Rantron Allen also happens to be CFO of the Kia Store in Anniston, which sponsored the restoration of the field.

“The owners and I decided we wanted to modernize the facility, so we started doing some field work here,” Allen said. “These kids have worked hard, worked hard, so they deserve the proper facilities.”

Allen brought in several football players to help bulk up the project. Grayshaun Swain, 15 and over 6ft tall, said he played the court and wanted to see it shine.

“I’m excited to help rebuild our land to help bring it back to how it was,” Swain said.

Anniston Mayor Jack Draper and his 5-year-old daughter Mary Yonce were also on hand to lend a hand. With the little girl on his hip, Draper addressed the group and thanked everyone for their participation. He told The Star that this particular project was “really good for Anniston”.

Draper thanked the Anniston Changers for the major role they played in the community and for “fixing the issues that needed to be fixed.”

“You know, we really all have to work together and it’s such a beautiful representation of that, in terms of cleaning up this particular area,” Draper said. “Athletics brings the community together, but all the projects have been fantastic and we expect many more.”

Members of several community groups volunteered their time, such as the Anniston Fatherhood Initiative. Active for 10 years, the men’s group works as mentors to children in the community, according to Sonny McMahand, who sits on their board of directors.

McMahand said the Anniston Fatherhood Initiative strives to regularly involve children in community projects such as this. He said Saturday’s cleanup was the fifth time the members have worked with the Anniston Changers in the past year.

Anniston Fire Marshal Jason Brown was also present – pressure washing old paint from the sidewalk leading to the country house. But, he said, he was there in his spare time, not representing the fire department or the men’s band. It was just there to lend a hand and “just volunteer on a Saturday”.

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