Actor Matthew McConaughey pays tribute to the Uvalde football team during ESPN College GameDay

Actor Matthew McConaughey takes a moment to acknowledge his hometown high school football team’s first home win of the season that brought together a community and a nation just a week ago.

The actor spoke in a tribute on Saturday, shared on Twitter by ESPN’s College GameDay.

Uvalde High School defeated Winn of Eagle Pass 34-28 at Uvalde Honey Bowl Stadium on Friday, September 2 in front of a large crowd.

When fans showed up to support the Coyotes, they did so knowing that many family and friends were still hurting after the Robb Elementary tragedy.

Before the game began, a minute’s silence was observed for the lives of the 19 students and two teachers killed in the Robb shooting.

“They bowed their heads for 21 seconds of silence before the game. ‘One Mississippi’ for each of the deceased, their friends, their teachers, their children. The prayer of the living, of the 5,000 souls of Uvalde’s Honey Bowl stadium” reads McConaughey.

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McConaughey is from Uvalde and he visited his hometown just days after the Robb Elementary massacre. He is also one of many who have pushed for action on gun control laws since the tragedy.

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In the tribute, McConaughey spoke about Uvalde HS senior linebacker Justyn Rendon wearing the No. 21 jersey in honor of Robb’s victims.

He also paid tribute to the 1972 state champions who were in attendance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their state championship.

“The responsibility of bringing together a city, a state and a nation will be remembered just as the Coyotes of 2022 will never, ever be forgotten,” he said.

Even though the score was tied with just 36 seconds left on the clock, the Coyotes would soon make history with their first home win and the 600th win in program history.

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Senior Jonathan Jimenez pulled off a miracle rushing for 54 yards to give the Coyotes another chance. On the next play, Uvalde scored a one-handed touchdown, with 12.3 seconds left.

Uvalde took a 34-28 lead and won the game. Fans roared from the stands and charged onto the pitch – a moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

“The crowd cheered for these young men. Young people who had kept the faith. Young men who claimed a victory that seemed out of reach. Young men who reminded us that even in the most painful and dark times, light comes in the morning,” McConaughey said.

You can watch McConaughey’s full tribute below:

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